Short about me and the webpage

Visions Macabre

My name is Iris Landar Lygren and at the moment I am studying towards a degree of master in film studies at Gothenburg University. Hopefully this will be finished in late summer 2023. I also have a bachelor degree in cultural studies. I have throughout the years, studied a lot of different courses within fields such as culture, film, litterature, writing and art.

I have a special interest in horror and mostly write about horror film. I also love to create and usually do this through painting and crafting. This webpage is supposed to be used as a kind of portfolio of my academic writing, reviews, novels and scripts as well as video and art. It is also supposed to be a place where I can gather what I create and, in long term, might be used as my personal busniess site.

For those interested in what I have done through the years, some of it is listen in my Swedish CV here.